Find the length of the missing side. the triangle not drawn to scale. (Image attached) Will give BRAINLIEST to the first person to answer correctly and show your work please :))

Accepted Solution

Answer: 8Step-by-step explanation:  The triangle shown in the image attached is a right triangle. Therefore, to calculate the missing lenght of the triangle you can apply the Pythagorean Theorem, which is shown below: [tex]a^2=b^2+c^2[/tex] Where a is the hypotenuse and b and c are the legs. The problem gives you the value of the hypotenuse and the value of one leg. Therefore, you must solve for the other leg from [tex]a^2=b^2+c^2[/tex], as following: [tex]17^2=15^2+c^2\\c=\sqrt{17^2-15^2}\\c=8[/tex] Therefore, the lenght of the missing side is: 8